AlphaEntertainment launches streaming service View hub

AlphaEntertainment has introduced a new streaming service View hub. You can test the platform and register by following the link. The new streaming platform allows streamers to earn real money, and customers to receive relevant content according to their ideas. 

The system works very simply – the streamer on the site receives orders from viewers. These can be both difficult and fun tasks, the streamer can decide to perform or refuse. Everyone decides for himself what he is ready for within the View hub. A transparent system of remuneration payments to streamers guarantees financial transparency, protection and comfort for performers. The ViewHub system also guarantees protection to the customer, if the streamer does not fulfill the conditions of the challenge, the funds will be returned to your account instantly, which eliminates the risks of fraud on the part of particularly cunning streamers.

Viewers on the View hub can simply watch videos or become participants, creating unique tasks for the streamer. The platform promises to be rich without boring videos, only real people from all over the world who broadcast or chat, waiting for the opportunity to communicate with you and with each other. At the moment, the following categories for streaming are available on the site: Women, Men, Trash, Games, Humor.

View hub promises its users the complete absence of any advertising, no hidden fees and payments. No special requirements are required to start earning. Within a minute after registration, you can start earning income.

Representative he commented on the work of the service as follows: “Streaming is interesting and very profitable! ViewHub provides everything you need to organize live broadcasting and monetize streams by interacting with your viewers. Choose and perform challenges live. The more interesting the show, the more money you can earn. Earn easily and every day on your content! ViewHub is a unique opportunity for everyone to earn quickly and monetize their skills and talents. Create dynamic and exciting content with live broadcasts and reach new heights with the ViewHub platform.”

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