Be motivated to exercise by limiting your mealtime

It has been observed in mice that limiting their access to food increases their hormone levels of Ghrelin. This may increase your motivation to exercise, as is stated in a study published in Journal of Endocrinology.

This study suggests that a sudden surge in the levels of Ghrelin, that is responsible for promoting appetite, after a period of fasting, prompted the mice to initiate voluntary physical activity. This unique finding indicates that a better diet control can help overweight persons to maintain a more effective routine for exercise, by limiting their intake of food or by fasting intermittently. These persons can lose their excess body weight and avoid debilitating conditions or complications, such as, Diabetes or Heart Diseases.

This finding is a blessing for obese persons because obesity has become a global health epidemic now. This problem needs more effective intervensive strategies to be able to avoid serious health complications in time. The two main cost effective strategies for countering, preventing and treating obesity are Food Restrictions and Regular Exercises.

Obesity is mainly attributed to sedentary life style and bad eating habits of a person. Obese people often succumb to snacking and binge eating. They may not adhere to a regular exercising routine because either they do not at all feel like exercising or they are not able to follow an exercise routine for a prolonged period. Lack of motivation is the main reason behind all these complications.

Ghrelin is referred to as the hunger hormone. It stimulates appetite through its actions on the brain reward circuitry that motivates a person to eat. This hormone has also been reported for as essential for doing endurance exercises. It increases body metabolism to meet the increased energy demands for doing prolonged exercises. But it is yet to be confirmed that Ghrelin directly motivates a person to do physical exercises.

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