Now Available New Costa Radiation Protective Eyewear Styles

01/19/2024 – Bangor, PA: Our radiation protection eyewear is available in many styles to suit all needs. These include flat metal frames, wraparounds, and goggles. We also offer stylish brand name eyewear. Costa’s new radiation protective eyewear is available in flat frames, wraparounds, and prescription eyewear.

Are you looking for stylish radiation safety glasses? Check out our Costa Radiation Glasses section:

  • Costa Radiation Protective Eyewear is available with or without a prescription.
  • The Costa radiation glasses are made with German glass lenses of the highest optical quality, equivalent to 0.75mm Pb.
  • Costa’s radiation-resistant eyewear reduces x-rays to help prevent cataracts and other eye conditions associated with xrays.
  • Costa offers a wide range of styles and sizes for both men and women to fit all types of faces.
  • Shop Costa if you want your x-ray glasses to look and feel natural.

Costa radiation lead sunglasses feature durable but lightweight frames for those who would rather live life than sit on the sidelines. These styles are rugged and inspired by active lifestyles. They’re made to withstand all of your adventures.

Take a look at the new Costa radiation eyewear if you’re looking for radiation protection glasses. You will feel comfortable and confident in these.

Lead glasses are an essential safety accessory when it comes to protecting the eyes from radiation. If you work in radiology, medical imaging, or other fields that expose workers to harmful x ray radiation, choosing the right lead glasses will be essential.

We at VS Eyewear understand how important it is to find the right pair of glasses that provide both protection and comfort. This guide will help you make an informed choice when choosing lead glasses.


All of the leaded eyewear that VS Eyewear sells has a constant 0.75mm equivalent lead, which effectively reduces harmful x ray radiation. While some manufacturers offer less protection than our store, we only stock eyewear that meets the high standard for radiation shielding.

Factors to consider:

Weight Although larger lenses might seem appealing, keep in mind that the weight of glasses increases as they grow. Choose a frame with a size that is comfortable and protects your eyes.

Size: Pay close attention to the frame size and choose a pair of glasses that fit securely without sliding. It is important to find the perfect fit for comfort and protection.

Comfort: Since your lead glasses may be worn for long periods of time, you should prioritize comfort and ergonomics. Make sure the glasses fit comfortably over your ears and nose to reduce any discomfort.

Color: Choose lead glasses in a color that matches your workplace. Compliance is dependent on wearing glasses that make you feel confident.

Durability: Choose lead eyewear frames built to last. A durable pair of eyeglasses will last for a long time without needing to be replaced.

Side protection: Confirm that your lead sunglasses have wraparound lenses or side shields made of lead to protect you from all angles.

What to look for?

Make sure that the radiation safety glasses you choose provide the appropriate level of protection. The anti-radiation glasses will offer a certain degree of protection based on lead equivalents.

Also, you want to make sure that the parts are made from a lightweight material such as polycarbonate. There are also extra layers of protection because durability is important.

Make sure the mask fits comfortably and covers your eyes.

Check that the glasses you purchase have the right certifications. You can obtain certifications on components from agencies such as the FDA or CE.

The final consideration is style. VS Eyewear offers a wide range of options for radiation protection sunglasses.

In conclusion,

When selecting radiation safety eyewear, you should carefully consider several factors to ensure the best possible combination of comfort and security. VS Eyewear puts your safety first by offering a wide range of lead glasses that meet the highest standards.

Don’t take any risks with your eyesight. Invest in attractive, comfortable, and durable radiation glasses. Contact us with any questions or for more information.

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